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You can choose to pay monthly or yearly on our plans. However, yearly billing will give you discount.

Yes, you can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade at any time!. There are no yearly lock-in terms in our monthly plans.

The bandwidth usage & terms are explained in our fair use policy here.

If you want to change your plan, please go to our pricing page and get the plan that you want. Your existing plan will be cancelled and the new plan will be added to your dashboard.

DynTube does not store your credit card information; instead, it is encrypted and securely stored with our Payment gateways i.e Stripe, as all card payments are processed through Stripe.

We offer unlimited streaming with a fair usage policy. Which means that we that most of users never have to worry about these limits. But only in few cases if the bandwidth usage reaches unusually high levels, we will ask you to upgrade your plan or we may offer you a custom plan. You can read our fair usage policy here.

If in a month, you use more than the allowed usage, we will ask you to upgrade your account to a bigger plan. An overage fee of $5 per 100 GB will be charged if you don't upgrade the plan.

If in a month, you use more than the allowed Videos are converted to HLS/MPEG-DASH and utilize more GBs than the uploaded size because we create multiple versions of the videos at various resolutions.

We try the best video delivery possible using the resources we have. Currently our standard plans use multi CDN solution including Akamai CDN. Our edge plans use Amazon CloudFront CDN. However we don't promise that we will keep using the same CDN providers in future. We may change, mix or add new CDNs to our video delivery.

Our pricing model is based on long term video storage. The current monthly upload limit on videos is same as the video storage limit in each plan. However we don't expect you to delete most of your storage and re-upload it every month. If you are in a business where you need frequent deletions & uploads every month then we may ask you to signup using a different pricing model. Please contact us if you have any questions. We reserve the right to deny/disable any accounts with continuous monthly large uploads.

If you have a large number of videos with a small duration and you want to host it with us. Please feel free to contact us. We might not be able to offer unlimited videos with small files. It depends on the use case.

We provide a trial period on some of our plans so that you can test the service. However you might not get refund if trial period has expired.

The storage quota include all kind storage that we use to run & manage your account. e.g. video storage, files, logs & databases etc.
Videos and static files are stored on object storage so any consumed storage is deducted from your plan.
However some content may require SSDstorage (for example data in cloud databases, video logs etc.). Any info stored on SSD storage is counted 10 times of the estimated storage size. For example if your account has saved 10MB on SSD then it will be counted as 100MB in your storage quota.
We may use approximate size calculations if the actual calculations are not available.

The total used bandwidth is calculated in bytes. It consists of traffic from our storage servers to our CDN servers (uncached bandwidth) + the traffic served from the CDN cache servers (cached bandwidth). In order to get the total usage, we also count the bytes sent via file uploads or to request resources.
We calculate bandwidth either from the server logs or through our own mediums including our Player API. Our player API collects the video usage from the actual downloaded video files.
We may use approximate size calculations if the actual calculations are not available. For example, for a small thumbnail, we take an average thumbnail size of 15KB.
Apart from the video bandwidth or sizes of delivered files, we count the bandwidth of all requests to our servers. Bandwidth per request is equal to request + response size & 10KB payload for static & .ts files, images, .css, .js and some other static files.
For certain dynamic http requests, the size will be calculated as request + response size & 200KB payload. This includes API requests,channel/player/site views etc.

No, we don't allow customers to host nudity, adult & other pornographic videos.

No please. Our platform is built for totally legal stuff. You should only host the videos that you have rights to publish. We may ask you for publishing rights if we find the videos to be illegal or they get reported.