Empower Your Video Content with Our Advanced HTML5 Video Player

Our customizable HTML5 video player technology offers a modern solution for FHD and 4K streaming, delivering an immersive and seamless viewing experience. With support for powerful features and customizable options, our player ensures that your valuable content is presented in stunning quality, with minimal buffering and smooth playback.

Choose our cutting-edge video player technology to take your streaming to the next level, providing your audiences with a powerful and feature-rich player that enhances their viewing experience.

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Unlimited Skins

With our 4k video player, you can create unlimited skins, each unique to a specific video or project. Our solution allows for customizable options that cater to your needs, including personalized skins for each of your videos.

DynTube player controls
Fully Customizable

With over 20 customizable options, you can change the colors, show or hide controls, set the default quality and volume, and even make the player sticky on scroll or pause videos on scroll.

DynTube player controls

Fully Responsive

Our customizable video player is designed to ensure that your viewers enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted viewing experience, no matter what device they're using. With a fully responsive design, the player is optimized to work seamlessly across all modern devices and platforms, providing a consistent and engaging viewing experience.

Chromecast & Airplay

Our video player is fully compatible with Chromecast and Airplay, providing you with the flexibility to stream your videos to any device of your choice. This feature ensures that your content can be enjoyed on a bigger screen for a more engaging and immersive experience.

Lightweight Player

Our video player technology offers a lightweight player that delivers a seamless and efficient viewing experience. With a streamlined design and optimized performance, our player is designed to be fast and responsive, ensuring smooth playback and minimal buffering.

Set Default Quality

With our video player, you can easily set the default quality for your videos, ensuring a consistent and high-quality viewing experience for your viewers. Our solution allows you to choose from a variety of quality options, including 360p, 540p, 720p, and more. This feature ensures that your valuable content is presented in the highest quality possible.

HLS Adaptive Streaming

Our HTML5 video player leverages the power of HLS adaptive streaming technology to provide an exceptional viewing experience for your viewers. With this powerful feature, the player automatically adjusts the video quality based on the viewer's internet speed, ensuring that your valuable content is always presented in the highest quality possible.

Scheduled Streaming

With our scheduling feature, you can easily schedule your videos to be available at a specific date and time, ensuring that your valuable content is delivered to your audience at the right time. This powerful feature allows you to reach your viewers when they are most engaged, ensuring maximum impact and engagement for your video content. Whether you're a business, educator, or content creator, our scheduling feature provides you with the flexibility and control you need to deliver your content at the right time, every time.

Multi-audio Support

Take advantage of our powerful multi-audio support feature, enabling multiple audio and language tracks in a single video. This feature is available in our Plus and Pro plans, providing you with full flexibility and customization for your valuable video content. With multi-audio support, you can cater to a wider audience, providing multiple language options for your viewers and ensuring that your content is accessible and engaging to a global audience.

Sticky Videos

Our video player offers a powerful sticky video feature, allowing you to set your player to sticky or floating mode. With this feature, the video player sticks to the bottom right corner of the screen, ensuring that your valuable video content is always accessible and visible to your viewers. Here is a demo.

Pause on Scroll

Set your videos to be paused automatically when the video player goes out of view during page scrolling. This powerful feature ensures that your viewers can enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted browsing experience, without having to pause the video manually. This feature is designed to provide a more engaging and immersive viewing experience for your viewers, by automatically pausing the video when it goes out of view, ensuring that they can focus on the content that's in front of them.

Add Logo To Player

Add your own logo to the video player, providing a more personalized and branded viewing experience for your viewers. This powerful feature allows you to customize the player to your unique needs and enhance your brand identity, ensuring that your valuable video content is presented in the best possible light. With our technology, you can take full advantage of this feature, choosing the logo that best represents your brand and customizing the player to your unique needs.

MP4 Video Hosting

Our powerful video hosting technology offers a wide range of options for hosting and streaming your video content, including MP4 video hosting. If you need to host and stream MP4 videos, we can easily enable this option on your account once requested, providing you with a seamless and efficient way to deliver your valuable content to your viewers.

Keyboard Shortkeys

take advantage of powerful keyboard shortkeys, allowing you to easily pause, play, rewind, and forward your videos with a simple keystroke.

Use Your Own Video Player

You can easily use your own video player to deliver your valuable video content to your viewers. We can provide direct HLS links to your videos, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your video content with your existing video player and provide a more customized and personalized viewing experience for your viewers. See pricing for more details.

Use Custom User Email/ID for Analytics, Tracking & Engagement

You can use your own custom userIds and emails to track the video engagement of your users. This feature is available in our Plus and Pro plans. With custom user email/ID tracking, you can track the engagement of your users and analyze their behavior to optimize your video content and improve your overall video strategy. This feature is designed to provide you with valuable insights into your audience's viewing habits and preferences, helping you make informed decisions about your video content and strategy.