Truly Amazing Video Player

A modern HTML5 customizable player with everything you need for FHD & 4K streaming.

No credit card required.

Unlimited Skins

You can create unlimited skins of the video player. The skins could be unique for each video or project.

DynTube player controls
Fully Customizable

20+ options to customize your video player. You can change the colors, show/hide controls. You can set the default quality & default volume for the videos. You can make the video player sticky on scroll. Also, you can pause videos on scroll.

DynTube player controls

Fully Responsive

Player is fully responsive & works on all modern devices & platforms.

Chromecast & Airplay

Videos can be stream directly to your TV or other devices from the video player.

Lightweight Player

Our lightweight player uses HLS adaptive technology to deliver videos.

Set Default Quality

Set your videos to player a certain quality i.e. 360p, 720p etc.

HLS Adaptive Streaming

Our HTML 5 video player uses HLS adaptive streaming technology to play your videos. The video quality gets adjusted automatically depending on the viewer's interenet speed. Play FHD & 4k videos with bitrate up to 11Mbps.

Scheduled Streaming

Schedule your videos to be available at a particular date or time.

Multi-audio Support

DynTube supports multiple audio and language tracks in one single video. This feature can be enabled in Plus or Pro plans.

Sticky Videos

Set your player to sticky/floating (picture-in-picture) mode. The video player sticks to bottom right corner of the screen. Here is a demo.

Pause on Scroll

Set your videos to be paused automatically at page scroll when the video player goes out of the view.

Add Logo To Player

DynTube gives you the optiont to use your own logo on the video player.

MP4 Video Hosting

If you need to host and stream MP4 videos, we can enable this option on your account once requested.

Keyboard Shortkeys

Use shortkeys to pause, play, rewind & forward videos.

Use Your Own Video Player

We can provide direct HLS links to your videos so that you can play videos using your own video player. See pricing for more details.