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DynTube Analytics Dashbaord

Developer & API Features

DynTube API offers an easy-to-use and powerful video hosting platform with a REST-based API. Here are some of our key features:

Manage Videos Projects

Upload, manage and delete video projects programmatically. You can easily modify the project settings using our API.

Upload Videos

Easily upload videos using our API. Use our API to upload files from your system or via remote URLs. We provide code sample for different languages. i.e. Node.js, Python, .Net and PHP.

Manage Videos

Manage and delete videos, You can modify several video settings using our API. You can also download your original videos and add or delete subtitles as needed.

Play Videos in Native Mobile Apps or Customer Players

Get direct HLS or MP4 links to use in your web or native mobile apps. Get HLS and MP4 video links & play anywhere using any video player.

Manage Video Channels

Access video channels details via API to manage the channel settings as needed. You can also delete channels when they are no longer needed.

Token Authentication

Generate unique secure tokens for every video to enable authenticated video plays. A tokenized URL provides temporary access to your videos.

Video Analytics

Download video analytics data to use in your own projects and gain insights into how your content is being consumed.

Collect Emails

The API also allows you to dowload email addresses via the video player and receive webhooks notifications when videos are published.

Subscription Management

DynTube API makes it easy to create and manage video subscriptions and members. Here are some of our key features:

Create Video Subscriptions

Create and manage video subscriptions that can provide temporary or permanent access to your videos.

Create Members

Create and manage members with login details, usernames, and passwords to provide access to your videos.

Attach Subscriptions to Members

Attach subscriptions to members to provide access to your videos based on their subscription status.

DynTube Player Control

DynTube API provides complete control over the DynTube player using Javascript. Here are some of our key features:

Control Playback

Catch events when video gets played, paused or stopped, and call video player methods to control the playback speed, volume, and more.

Javascript Access

Use JS events & methods to control the player programmatically or to get video details.