Features To Grow Your Video Views & Audience


Multiple Storage Regions

Store your videos near your audience. Our edge plans have 13 storage regions to store videos in US East, US West, Europe, Asia & Australia.

Enterprise CDN

We use multi-cdn solution to deliver videos fastly everywhere around the world.

HLS Encryption

Yes, we support HLS encryption to protect your videos.

Secure tokens

Video can have secure tokens in urls with a short term expiry.

Video Subscriptions

Create video plans and assign plans to your members.

Temporary/Permanent Access

Video plans can have temporary or permanent access for members.

Use in Mobile Apps

We can provide direct links that you can use in your mobile apps. Supported in Starter plan.

Use Your Own Video Player

You can use your own video player to play the videos. Supported in Starter plan.

Unlimited Video Plays

We don't limit the number of times your videos can be played. See Faqs for details.

Unlimited Embeds

Embed your videos any number of times in your websites.

Geo Restrictions

Video channels can have geo-restrictions to stop your videos being played in certain regions.

Expirable Links

Create private expirable links for videos.

Domain Level Privacy

You can whitelist your domains to play the videos. Unlisted domains will not be able to serve content.

Adaptive Streaming

Deliver video in the most efficient way possible

HDR support

We fully support HDR video encodings and hosting in all plans.

Fully Customizable Video Player

You can change the colors & other controls of the video player.

Amazing Features

Embed Video Channels

Embed video channels into your websites with the options to search videos and collect emails of viewers.

Free Channel Hosting

You don't need to have a domain name or a website to host channels. We provide free hosting with user-friendly sub-domains.

Use Your Domain

You can use your own domain names to link video channels.

Free SSL Certificates

Whether you use your own doomain or a sub-domain provided by us, all of videos will be served securely using SSL.

Templates & Layouts

Videos channels can have different kind of layouts and color schemes depending on your needs.

HTML Widgets

Our channels are not just limited to videos. You can add HTML widgets on channel pages.

Get Subscribers

Get loyal subscribers from your channels and convert them to customers.

Full Text Search

People can search videos in channels based on keywords

Time Based Access

Channel accounts can be time based with an expiry date.


We provide detailed analytics so that you get to know what's working for you.
Analytics Dashbaord

A one page dashboard with insights into all details.

Video Analytics

Get list of top videos, engagement rates and engagement durations.

GEO Data

Get your viewers geo data, e.g. city & country.

Browser & Device Info

Get browser, devices & OS names of the viewers.