Unbelievable! Slash Your Video Hosting Costs by 90%

The Cost Comparison: Wistia vs. Vimeo vs. DynTube

In today's digital age, video content has become an essential tool for businesses, creators, and individuals to communicate and engage with their audiences. However, hosting videos can often be a costly endeavor, especially if you have a substantial library of video content. Fortunately, there is a solution that can help you save up to 90% on video hosting costs compared to major platforms like Wistia and Vimeo. Introducing DynTube, a cost-effective and feature-rich video hosting platform that can revolutionize the way you manage and distribute your video content.


Wistia offers a pricing plan of $24 per month, which includes hosting for up to 20 videos. However, if you need to host more than 20 videos, they charge an additional $2 per video. If you have 125 videos to host on Wistia, it would cost you:

- $24 per month for the first 20 videos

- $2 per video for the remaining 105 videos

Total cost for 125 videos on Wistia: $24 + (105 * $2) = $234 per month.

Wistia also offers a plan that allows you to host a maximum of 250 videos for $399 per month.


Vimeo offers a pricing plan of $20 per month, which includes hosting for up to 60 videos. If you have 125 videos to host on Vimeo, it would cost you:

- $108 per month to host up to 500 videos videos

- Moreover, exceeding the allocated bandwidth in your plan may result in significant additional costs per TB


DynTube takes a different approach to pricing. With DynTube's Starter plan, you can host unlimited videos without incurring any extra charges, as long as your videos fit within the allocated storage space. This means that you can host all of videos without any additional costs.

But DynTube doesn't stop there. Here are some key advantages that make DynTube a superior choice:

API Access for Native Mobile Apps

With DynTube, you get API access to deliver videos in your native mobile apps. This feature allows you to seamlessly integrate your video content into your mobile applications, providing a smooth and engaging experience for your mobile users.

2. Video Encryption for Security

With DynTube, you can encrypt your videos to prevent illegal downloads and piracy. Protecting your valuable video content is essential, and DynTube provides robust encryption options to ensure that your videos are secure and accessible only to authorized viewers.

Live Streaming Options

With DynTube, you can opt for our live streaming starter plan to stream live events and broadcasts. Whether you're hosting webinars, or live performances, DynTube offers the flexibility to live stream even in smaller low-cost plans.

Custom Domains for Branding

With DynTube, you can use custom domains to open video links, enhancing your branding and professionalism. This feature allows you to create a seamless viewing experience for your audience by using your own domain name.


When it comes to saving up to 90% on video hosting costs, DynTube clearly stands out as the superior choice. With its flexible pricing structure that allows you to host unlimited videos without any extra charges and a range of valuable features like API access, video encryption, live streaming options, and custom domains, DynTube offers unbeatable value for your video hosting needs. Say goodbye to exorbitant hosting fees and make the switch to DynTube to enjoy cost savings and enhanced functionality for your video content.