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DnTube Video List

11 Storage Regions

Save your videos in any of the eleven storage regions worldwide: United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Germany, France, Netherlands & Canada. The videos are served using the global fast CDN.

Video Encryption

Video encryption to secure the videos with advanced 128-bit AES encryption to avoid illegal downloads. Extra security option for videos to double protect videos.

Unlimited Plays

We don't limit the number of times your videos gets played every month.

Unlimited Embeds

You can embed the videos & channels unlimited times in your websites.

Use in Mobile Apps

Want to use videos directly in your mobile apps? We can provide direct HLS links that can be played in a native video player of your mobile app.

Use Own Video Player

IF for some reason, you don't want to use our video player. We can provide direct HLS links to your videos so that you can play videos using your own video player. See pricing for more details.

Use Your Own Domain

Use your own domains to open video links and channels. Free SSL certificates will be provided.

SSL Certificates

If you use your own domain names for video link, we will provide you FREE SSL certificates for your domains.

Secure Video Hosting with URL Tokens

Secure your videos using tokens in the URLS with a short term expiry.

Geo Restrictions

Control the locations where you don't want the videos to play.

HLS Adaptive Streaming

Our HTML 5 video player uses HLS adaptive streaming technology to play your videos. The video quality gets adjusted automatically depending on the viewer's interenet speed.

Domain Lock

You can whitelist your domains to play the videos. Unlisted domains will not be able to serve content.

Expirable Links

Create expirable links of your videos and share with viewers.

Create Subscriptions

Create video plans for your users. Plans can include on or more videos/channels. Plans can be subscribed to users. Plans can have a temporary or permanent duration. API available to integrate with other systems.

Create Users / Password Protection

Create users with password authentication and assign plans to your users. Plan members can have temporary or permanent access to their plans.

Tracking Pixels

Install Google Analytics and Facebook pixel and track viewers.

Insert Ads in Videos

We support VAST-compatible ads in the videos. You can attach your ad tags to videos