Fair Usage Policy

For DynTube plans supporting unlimited bandwidth, we do not have defined limitations. These resources are "unlimited", meaning you are not billed according to the amount of bandwidth used. While of course these resources are not infinite, we believe our customers should the resources necessary to play videos and most of our customers with personal or small business use will have enough bandwidth to meet their needs.

Our fair usage policy has been setup to support normal operation of a personal or small business use. We do require all customers to be fully compliant with our Terms of Use and utilize bandwidth in a manner consistent with the normal operation. We occasionally constrain accounts utilizing more resources than should be the case in the normal operation of a personal or small business video streaming.

For all video plans we run statistical analysis and use the results to define "normal" usage for each plan. We do calculate the monthly normal use based on different factors i.e. total storage, video uploads, conversion minutes, audience location, video plays, average watch time and bandwidth usage etc. If your account's bandwidth causes any concern, you might experience slow downloading or less uptime than normal. We will contact you to upgrade your plan in such a case and your plan will be charged an overage fee of $0.10 per GB if it consumes terabytes of bandwidth on smaller plans.

Simply speaking, if you need multiple terabytes of bandwidth every month, you can simply contact us to get more info. We offer various custom plans that better address high bandwidth or large storage requirements. Please contact us hi(at)dyntube(dot)com for details.