How to Host Online Courses?

There are different ways of hosting courses online. Some people use hosted websites which offer you to create and manage online courses. But others like the idea of having their own website to host courses with their own branding and terms.

There are pros and cons of both methods. If you host courses on a course-hosting website, then you get a dashboard to create and manage your courses but sometimes it's not the best way to handle things.

Every field of study is different and customization is needed mostly to host courses and manage certain areas according to specific field or requirements. So, you may not be able to find all the features course-hosting website. Also, it may not be the very cost efficient idea. As you either have to pay big fees for the platform or you have to pay a percentage of your profit.

Sometimes, it's best to have your own website and create mobile apps to handle things in a more efficient way without paying heavy fees or a percentage of commission.

Many people use just Wordpress and its LMS plugins to easily create their own websites to host courses. Other use sites like to create their own websites to handle subscriptions.

In such cases you can use a video hosting companies like DynTube to host hundreds or even thousands of courses in a very cost efficient way.

Here are some benefits of using video hosting with an LMS

  • It's cost efficient and scalable solution
  • You can have your own web & mobile apps tailored for your students
  • You don't need to pay a commission to third parties
  • You can create your own branding and enterprise features
  • You can add your own payment methods and gateways which might not be supported otherwise
  • Sites can be localised easily for your students

Below is a link to get a free trial of video hosting for your courses.