How to Use Videos in Mobile Apps

There are couple of ways you can use your videos in mobile apps and we support both of these ways.


Using native mobile apps


Using Mobile web apps

Use in Native Apps

In order to use videos in your native mobile apps, you can get the links to your HLS or MP4 files using our API.
The only requirement is that your account need to be approved for using direct video links. You can contact us to enable direct video links in API.
You can get the video list using this API endpoint.
The video list will contains the links for each video that you can use in any video player.

Use in Web Apps

There are two ways to use videos in mobile web apps:


You can simply use our embed code to embed videos in the HTML pages


If you want to generate a list of videos programmatically on your pages. You can use our API to get the "channelKeys" of your videos.
The field "channelKey" can be used as an attribute on a simple DIV tag to load the video as explained here.