How to get started with the API

DynTube provides API to manage videos & projects. Here is how you can get started with the API.


To make any API requests, you need to get an API key from the dashboard. Api Key can be found in the DynTube dashboard under "Videos => Settings" menu.

API Authentication

Our API uses Bearer authentication to authenticate the valid requests. You will need to send an extra header "Authorization" in your request to get authenticated. Please note that the token does not expire. The token should be use on server end and not on client end.

        Header Key: Authorization
        Header Value: Bearer [YOUR-API-KEY]

        # the header will look like this

        Authorization: Bearer 5pN7kVK4epG4cGVDk5pN7kVK4epG4cGVDk


API to Manage Projects, Videos & Subscriptions

You can use the following URL to find APIs for videos, projects & subscriptions.

API to upload videos

You can use the following URL to find more about video upload API.

Postman Collection

If you use Postman tool to test the APIs, you can get started quickly by downloading our collection that you can import into Postman.

API Version

The current API version is 1. So you can replace the version number where needed in the API.